Bottle Service

While we haven't had much rain at our job site lately, we did find a little liquid sunshine a few weeks ago.  While moving some dirt around the site, our crews found three, in-tact bottles. One of the three, is embossed with the words "Liquid Sunshine Soda Shop Honolulu, HI" (pictured on the left).  

From the late 1800s through the early decades of the 1900s, many bottling companies existed throughout the islands.  Oahu boasted 25 bottle companies, each manufacturing bottles for various soda companies.  These companies also manufactured whiskey, gin, beer, medicine and milk bottles for the growing island population. The small bottle pictured in the middle may have been a medicine bottle.  Unfortunately, due to the island's climate, few paper labels survived.  

We're gently cleaning these three bottles and look forward to passing them on to the new owners of residences at Hauoli Lofts, to keep a little bit of history from our site close at-hand.