Coming up

Although it may be hard to tell from the outside of our fenced job-site, in the last couple of weeks, we've made significant progress on our project.  Earth was moved to make way to rebar and foundations. An elevator pit was dug and poured. Multiple inspections from engineers and surveys took place to ensure all of our lines were straight and connections strong. Also, our teammates from Island Steel Erectors placeed 47 individual pre-cast panels ranging from 60K lbs to 2.5K lbs to form the ground floor of our building - that's the covered parking area, electrical/mechanical room, entry lobby and elevator shaft.  

Landings are being formed for the stairs on either side of the building, and soon we'll drop in pre-cast stairs.  At that point, we'll say good-bye to working with solid earth underneath and will be working at 20, 40, 60 feet above the ground.